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Does Research Runner comply with GDPR?2018-09-18T15:25:45+01:00
Your website says you have a 99% success rate, does that mean you cannot guarantee 100%?2017-06-20T12:10:33+01:00

At Research Runner we have always over delivered for our clients. However, we have found that in certain situations, clients capabilities and availabilities, sometimes struggle to meet the requirements needed to fulfil their expectations. We work very closely with you to target the markets and decision makers that are important to your business. We understand that we may not be for everyone, but any doubts from our clients prospective, are eliminated during your first briefing. We are happy to introduce you to some of our clients in order to relieve any worries or concerns you may have.

We have had a bad experience with sales companies in the past, how can Research Runner guarantee this will not happen again?2018-09-18T15:24:40+01:00

Research Runner was founded on the principals that sales profession needed to be disrupted in order to regain a good reputation. We insist, that to be able to grow your business effectively, there must be full transparency and communication from both sides from the start.

A face to face meeting between Research Runner and new clients is an informative way of getting to know and understand each other.

What is your process?2018-01-24T11:01:07+00:00

We will have a face to face meeting from the beginning of the project from both sides. Research Runner will gain an understanding of your individual business requirements in order to offer the best solution. We will discuss your wish list and DNC (do not call) lists as well as the sectors you want us to target and the decision makers you want us to speak to. By having a highly targeted approach, Research Runner will reach out to your specified markets and explore the opportunities.  We will introduce you to your new potential clients in order to set up a meeting. We will always keep in contact and ask for feedback and reach out to other contacts if and when required.

What do you need from us?2017-06-20T12:14:27+01:00

In order for us to supply you with quality leads, we use a highly targeted approach to generating new business. During our briefing you will supply us with a do not call list which avoids overlapping with your existing clients. You will also put together a wish list of which sectors, countries and job roles to target.

Who works on it?2017-06-20T12:17:44+01:00

Depending on the project we usually have 3-4 people on the team working for each client, including the Managing Director – Julian Haste. We have a streamlined professional approach so leads cannot be tracked back to Research Runner.

How much will this cost me?2017-05-30T23:04:25+01:00

Research Runner offer a tailored service, working on retainer plus commission schemes, depending on the volume of new business meetings required.

How do you target people?2018-09-18T15:18:15+01:00

We will discuss your wish list and do not call list with you as well as the sectors you require us to target, as well as the decision makers you want us to contact.

By having a highly targeted approach, Research Runner will reach out to your specified markets and explore the opportunities.

We have an extensive database of key contacts which are continuously updated and by using this as well as traditional methods we guarantee to only put you in touch with the people that matter the most.

Hitting the bullseye, or missing the target? Who are the chief decision makers?


What markets and sectors do you cover?2017-05-30T23:27:58+01:00

We help clients globally across any range of sectors, including FMCG, finance, retail, travel, construction, FTSE 250, pharma and leisure to name a few.

Who are your clients?2017-06-20T12:19:23+01:00

Our clients range from small businesses of just 1-10 employees, to large household names with turnovers in excess of £50 million. Research Runner offers a discreet and confidential service, however we are happy to introduce you to some of our clients in order to relieve any worries or concerns you may have.

We already have a sales team, why do we need to outsource?2018-09-18T15:20:41+01:00

Researching and targeting new business can be a very time consuming task for sales teams.

We understand the need for a productive sales force and that sales men and women would rather spend time sealing the deal.

Research Runner eliminates the lengthy task of searching for prospective targets by placing companies at your doorstep, giving your sales team the time to close deals and generate new business for your company.

Outsourcing – Research Runner explains the pros and cons


Feedback is an effective way of improving our services and helping your company reach its full potential. If there is anything that we have not discussed please contact Research Runner and we will be able to assist you.
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