Repeat business demonstrates our clients’ trust in our lead generation services

lead generation 2021The Research Runner team has been delighted over the last few weeks to hear from past clients who have recognised their re-emerging need for our help with B2B lead generation.

Most had previously halted using our sales services due to having such a comprehensive sales pipeline that too much business was coming in for their time and resource. Now, however, the economic climate has negatively impacted many businesses and resulted in the need for new leads.

Our clients who were hit hardest by the pandemic have opted for our 2020 sales relief packages, which deliver an agreed-upon number of qualified leads quickly, and which have also been extended through 2021. Others remained on the monthly subscription model to ensure their sales pipelines continued to grow and prosper.

Our packages are tailored to each business we work with depending on what is required i.e.,

  • to what extent we will be working with you or training you
  • the average order sales value
  • time constraints and needs
  • whether you opt for our subscription model or an ad hoc off-the-shelf package

A subscription model is typically our clients’ preferred option because it is continuous and offers more value for money. However, if you have strict time constraints and need a quick boost, and would like an ad hoc package of, for example, ten leads, we can make that work, too.

We can discuss when we speak as to the best method for your business.

Contact us today to discover how Research Runner’s lead generation packages can help grow and sustain your business.