2021 B2B Lead Generation Forecast

Well, we made it past 2020. Congratulations! It’s been a wild year and we hope that business will be able to prosper in 2021.

Here are some best practices we’ve learned from the ‘new normal’ in 2020 and ways to increase sales in 2021:

New ways of prioritising time and resource

Working from home and shifts in time management have forced salespeople to reprioritise how they manage their time and goals. We’ve seen many businesses rethink where their strengths are and start to outsource their lead generation so that they can focus on what they are best at: running their company.

It will benefit many companies to ask for help with generating new leads and we look forward to helping increase your sales pipeline in the New Year.

Development of crisis plans

Unfortunately, many business owners were not prepared for the onslaught of a global pandemic. 2020 taught us that it’s important to have communication and logistical plans in place to deal with potential huge shifts in how we work.

Marketers and business owners now consider aspects of survival like better data back-up, tools and programmes for working from home, and business continuity plans for whatever else may come our way.

Resilience and positivity

The most successful organisations of the last year were the ones who chose to continue to grow their business and find new ways to experiment with sales and outbound marketing. 2021 isn’t going to be a magical cure of the virus, but it’s important that we stick together and maintain a growth mindset to ensure businesses can prosper through the storm.

Research Runner is here to keep building positive momentum and will strive to help all of our current and new clients generate new leads and new business, whatever this year throws at us.

Happy New Year to all and best wishes for a successful 2021!