Email opening rates increase during lockdown: B2B sales tips for email campaigns


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all been confined to our homes – which makes us even more reliant on our phones. That’s why it’s not surprising that email open rates have increased, and emails are now being opened (and quite often deleted) more quickly than ever.

A recent study has found that daily email opening rates have increased by up to 5-10% each week since the beginning of the lockdown.

However, it’s likely that although people are reading their emails more often and more quickly than before, they are also more likely to quickly delete irrelevant or annoying sales pitch emails.

So, what can marketers and salespeople do to ensure their emails are being read by their target audience?

Segment your audiences

It’s vital that the messaging in your sales email is precisely targeted to the recipient. Many companies have huge email databases that they’ve compiled over the years, but are each of those targets relevant to the message you’re sending?

Consider the industries and job titles of the people in your list and narrow down segments to ensure the email you’re sending is going to be a valuable read to the people you’re targeting.

Are these past customers you want to get back in touch with for repeat business? Or is your campaign a cold call introducing your services to the recipients? Carefully consider whether your messaging matches the potential client to have a better success rate.

Make sure the email solves a problem

Relevancy is key with email: how is what you’re proposing going to benefit the recipient?

Analyse their point of view to offer a solution to that person’s specific pain points. Write the message clearly to provide an empathetic understanding of their issue and offer a concise way you can help solve it.

Less is more… sometimes

Smartphone usage means that email recipients immediately receive and review the email, so the subject line, preview, sender’s name, and intro text are vital to catch the eye. Don’t use too much jargon, don’t introduce yourself (your name will be the first thing they see anyways!) and make sure that you quickly get to the point.

You can also include links to your website that they can click on if you want to provide extra information, so you can monitor the success of your email campaign by checking to see who expresses interest in your offer.


These are just a few suggestions for creating effective email outreach campaigns. We specialise in lead generation and one of our most successful techniques is creating emails that convert. Contact us to discuss your B2B strategy and discover how we can help grow your pipeline using email and other lead generation methods.