CEOs and MDs – Keeping your finger on the marketing pulse. 


We all have a dream of someday running our own business, with modern day pressures and family commitments, we would all like to be able to take holidays when we want, have more flexibility when it comes to childcare, but running a business isn’t that easy. A large part of running a business and making it a success is selling your brand/product and not all company founders know how to do this. The creative minds behind many businesses founded their company on passion, a dream, vision or hobby, but had no experience in selling or promoting their brands.

With the rising popularity of online social media marketing strategies, business owners are looking at more cost effective ways of promoting their company without spending a fortune on more traditional, hard hitting advertising methods and now look to recruit Marketing and PR experts to promote their brands. Modern day techniques of online marketing and social media strategies are new territory for small business owners and although they know their brands well, they don’t always have the knowledge of how to implement effective advertising campaigns that have the ability to reach out to a much wider and targeted audience. Reaching the global market by blogging, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, along with podcasts and news updates has a much bigger impact than bombarding customers and clients with phone calls and leaflets. So if you’re planning on running your own business make sure you don’t get left behind by modern technology, keep up with social media trends and learn how to promote your company to a much wider audience will not only keep you in the know, but is sure to increase sales.

20/9/2017 – Heidi Bryant