Colour psychology: using colours to increase your sales

Colours can evoke emotions and create a sense of feelings in everyday life as well as in business. B2B businesses that are looking to increase leads can use colour to make their potential clients feel a certain way about them.

According to a recent study, colour can even increase your brand awareness by 80%.

Here are some ideas for how the colours you employ in your marketing and sales can help promote your brand:


For business models that must project the ultimate amount of trust, blue is a great option.  Blue is the colour of reason, sending calming vibes and a sense of luxury. That’s one reason why our branding utilises different shades of blue!


Sunny, creative yellow is great for brands that want to portray a positive, exciting message. Yellow feels impulsive and fun, so this colour is typically best for more casual brands.


One of the most powerful colours in branding is red. Red is adventurous, bold, and passionate, and many big brands use this as an iconic colour in the marketing.


Go green with eco-friendly, hopeful green branding. Green symbolises health, prosperity, and is inviting yet soft. The colour represents life and power and is a very popular colour for many brands.


Bright, intimate pink is for quirky, fun, and creative brands. Although it is stereotypically feminine, it can also be used as a way to stand out and is a great accent colour that symbolises youth and imagination.


Confident, simple, and elegant black is a great statement colour to evoke feelings of stability and strength in your marketing and branding. Black is luxurious and powerful for companies who want to make a statement.


Pure, sleek white branding is great for evoking feelings of innocence, youth, and simplicity.


Extravagant, spiritual purple branding makes your company look like royalty. Use purple to look prestigious or to create a sense of imagination.


Keep these ideas in mind when considering your lead generation, marketing, and branding, and use colour to help your potential clients get a feel for your company’s aura.

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