Is the hard sell a thing of the past? Are people are put off by traditional sales methods?

I don’t know about you, but the more someone tries to convince me to sign up or buy something, the less likely I am to want to buy it. In fact I often find myself getting quite abrupt and angry. However, over the years, cold calling seems to have dwindled, no more interruptions after a long day at work. So what has changed in the way we sell over the years? Businesses have cottoned on to the fact that the ‘hard sell’ is a thing of the past and no longer has the desired effect. The ‘hard sell’ was aimed at getting the client to sign on the dotted line then and there, giving them no time to think. This bullying approach enhanced consumers distrust towards the sales profession. Companies are now learning that building a relationship based on honesty and commitment is far more effective in the long term than the ‘hard sell’ approach. There are still companies out there that use the hard sell, especially during tough times. It can work in favour for certain industries and initially their targets look good, however after having time to think, consumers usually cancel agreements and pull out, so the long term outlook isn’t quite as good or indeed profitable. The modern salesperson understands that building a relationship based on trust, integrity and respect, maximises potential sales leads and longevity.

26/09/2017 – H Bryant