Hitting the bullseye, or missing the target? Who are the chief decision makers?


Job titles and descriptions are rapidly evolving and changing. With employees often covering more than one role in order for companies to reduce costs and to maximise employee productivity, job titles are becoming more complex and broad. For companies wanting to target the key decision makers and influencers, this is becoming increasingly difficult. Aiming for CEOs, Directors and MDs can be tiresome, as these members are usually very busy and have allocated certain tasks to other heads of department. Tracking these down or getting passed the gatekeeper often means you are passed from pillar to post just to speak to the right person. It is worth doing some research before your team wastes time on contacting the wrong person and LinkedIn is a great way in finding out what these job roles entail and what their specific duties are, taking the time to understand each individual job role can eliminate this, but can be time consuming.

Sales teams spend a large percentage of their time trying to track down key influencers and decision makers, stealing them away from sealing the deal. You can always aim high and target the CMO’s, MD’s and those who hold the budgets and if they don’t have the time you may be lucky enough to be passed onto someone who has the authority, such as Marketing or Research Directors. In order to combat this lengthy and time consuming task, companies now look to outsource their lead generation to organisations such as Research Runner, who really understand their business needs and have the sales experience required to target the key decision makers on your behalf, landing meetings into the lap of your sales team and leaving them to seal that all important deal, resulting in a boost of your sales teams confidence and productivity. It’s a win win situation!

05/10/2017 – Heidi Bryant