How to integrate wellbeing into work

It’s been over a year since the first lockdown and most of us are still working from home. I’m sure you’ve all adapted to the ‘new normal’ to an extent but are you feeling good about your work/life balance?

Take some time to consider your wellbeing with these tips from our team on ways we’ve learned to care for ourselves during working from home: 

Bring back your commute.

Some of us have found that we actually miss the mindless start to our day that we had with a commute to the office.

In order to get yourself into a routine and approach work with a fresh mind, start and finish each day with a quasi-commute.

Walk the dog before turning on your computer, water the flowers before your morning shower, and/or grab a coffee and the morning paper from your local shop before making your first call of the day.

By faking a commute, you can charge up your brain for the day and get your blood moving.

Keep work and home separate.

This is a tricky one but it’s so important. If you haven’t already set up a distinct workspace, do so, and keep it dedicated to solely work if possible.

Remove any home distractions that you can since things like piles of dirty dishes or unfolded clothes can distract you from the task at hand – your job.

Some people find that taking a break to fold clothes or do the washing up helps them clear their mind, but make sure that it is actually a break from work. It might seem efficient to multi-task and do housework while on a conference call, but your brain will work better and tasks will get done more effectively if you concentrate on the important work you are doing.

Take your holidays!

With nowhere to travel to and nothing much to do, many employees find that their annual holidays are piling up.

Make sure to schedule in time off and allow yourself to relax regularly – a week off could really do you some good.

These are some of the practices that the Research Runner team has found beneficial for our wellbeing during the lockdowns – let us know your tips by sharing with us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook