Research Runner Rescue Team on hand with Sales Relief Packages

Lead Generation Sales Aid Packages now available for a limited time – contact our support team now to keep your business on track.

sales relief packages

We’re facing an unprecedented situation due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. It’s impacting not only the health and safety of our community but has also disrupted the economy drastically. The team at Research Runner is doing everything we can to keep our staff and clients safe and to support our clients during these trying times.

We believe it’s more critical than ever to work to maintain business as usual, which is why we have created a sales relief package to help businesses keep on track during the pandemic. Companies may find that they are needing to lay off staff and it’s likely that you’re losing customers, which is why it’s so vital to keep identifying potential new customers. We have a platform available globally to help businesses start finding and contacting new customers.

Our lead generation services are a cost-efficient method for arranging new business calls with potential new clients around the globe. For the next six months, our sales relief package can help your business survive these trying times. It’s critical to start sowing the seed for when the economy begins to recover, and our global database and unique recipe for generating new leads enables us to do that for you.

Research Runner can set up your lead generation campaign and launch it within 48 hours. We will discuss the sales packages with you personally to see how we can best help and to ensure our targeting is spot on. We’ll identify and contact targeted leads that work for your business.

We help set up new business meetings on a global basis and can work with any B2B company of any size in any sector.

Now is the time to be proactive and safeguard your business and your employees from the negative impacts of this crisis. It may just make the difference by talking now to these prospects so you are in a position to start business sooner than later.

Set up an initial call to discover how we can help with a sales relief package today. Email Julian Haste on or Nick Rowley on to get started.