Is out-sourcing right for you?

If you are looking to increase revenue, scale back your out-goings, reign in on rental space and utilise employee time then out-sourcing may be for you.

No matter what type or size of business, out-sourcing can be a great addition. However, there are some basic considerations to make before jumping in at the deep end.

Do your research

Before investing in a sub-contractor, it is worth doing your research.  It would be beneficial to take the time to identify which project/s to out-source.

Ensure you pay particular attention to the details of the contract and make sure the contract works for you. Identify key attributes, i.e do they have the technologies you need? Can they provide you with data to back up their claims? and most importantly, will you achieve a ROI (Return on Investment)?

Familiarise yourself with their website and competitors, what is their offering, what makes them stand out and how much and how long are the contracts for.

Acquaint yourself with any get-out clauses should you wish to terminate the contract early?

ROI or cutting costs?

When deciding on what project to outsource, i.e. your new business/sales efforts, marketing or IT, you need to evaluate which area will generate more ROI.

Is your objective to generate more revenue for your business to expand or to reduce outgoings? Ultimately it is for you to decide which area of your business will do this most effectively.

Having a clear idea of what your objectives are is a great start.


The relationship with your sub-contractor is the key to a successful partnership, without it, it simply will not work.

Your partner needs to immerse themselves into your business, work for you and understand how you operate. Fundamentally a good sub-contractor will represent your company in the best light.

Can they demonstrate their capability to be able to work independently, at the same time display confidence in working for you? You don’t want to be constantly chasing them up, it will just make the process more difficult and time consuming for you.

The only way to achieve confidence and strengthen the relationship is to keep the channels of communication open. Ensure there is regular feedback, conversations and meetings as you would with your own in-house teams.

Feedback and follow-ups are the only way to improve on a service and strengthen relationships. It gives valuable insights, as a result, allowing you to identify key problem areas which can then be swiftly acted on.

Sub-contractor flexibility

Can they offer a flexible contract that can be tailored to individual needs? Changes in the economy, new competition and the ever-changing shift in trends can have a financial impact on business.

Those in business have all experienced the peaks and troughs, the highs and lows and a sympathetic business partner can make the difficult times much easier.

Your company is unique to you and it is essential that a sub-contractor understands your business and can be flexible to fit your needs.

As with any change, businesses learn to adapt and as such, it is crucial that your out-sourcing partner offers a degree of flexibility, accommodating economic changes and adapting with your requirements.

Out-sourcing that works for you

There is always a certain amount of leniency and negotiation to be had with a prospective partner. Identify what kind of contract would suit you and negotiate the terms/length and cost. For instance, if you are nervous about out-sourcing, it may be an idea if you sign up for a short period, perhaps a three-month trial or a rolling contract.

Be in control of your contract, do not let the contract control you!

To summarise

  • Do your research.
  • Decided on your objectives.
  • Look around.
  • Do not be forced into anything you feel uncomfortable with.
  • Read the small print.
  • Make sure the contract works for you.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!

The thought of out-sourcing can seem daunting but doing your research and understanding what your objectives are is a good start.

Remember you are not obliged to say yes immediately, if you are feeling pressured to sign up, then that company may not be right for you.

Read the small print, make sure there is transparency on both sides and your will reap the benefits.

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