Pick me a winner! Julian Haste MD of Research Runner explains what he looks out for in a good sales person.


Managing Director of Research Runner, Julian Haste shares what he looks out for when recruiting his sales teams and the importance of key attributes.

Attitude:  The right work ethic and passion for what you do is vital. You can’t train someone who doesn’t have the right attitude. “Passion and drive is what I look out for” says Julian.

Determination:   The ability to train yourself to be mentally strong. Chasing after prospects can be tiring, so you need to be focused, Julian says “it’s like driving a fast car for a long period of time whilst concentrating”.

Organisation:    You need to be the first one in and last one out in order to maximise your time. Know what you are targeting before you start. Know your clients, this can save time for both you and them.

Dress for success:    Being dressed mentally not just in your appearance, but also in your mind, show passion and believe in what you are selling.

Listen:    Having the ability to listen to your clients, what are their needs and wants? why they are reluctant, have they been burnt before and why? what areas can you really focus on and recognise key points and phrases and having the ability to tap into those and turn it around.

Personable:    Be a likeable character, sales people often have their confidence mistaken for arrogance, it is possible to be one without the other. Confidence is important, but arrogance will put a potential customers off. Warm to them and they will warm to you.

Resilience:  Sales is full of knock backs, but full of success too. You will get a lot of ‘No thankyou’s’, but don’t be disheartened, these can turn into a yes, persistence pays off. Don’t be afraid to ask for business, “be strong like a lion” says Julian.

Efficient:    Think on your feet, be able to use your initiative. By understanding what you are looking for and where to find it, you will find that your time is spent more efficiently. Don’t waste time, target the decision makers and the key influencers. A good way of combating this is to outsource your lead generation, allowing your team to spend time sealing the deal.

Know your client:     This comes back to managing your time. Make sure you know who you are calling and whether your product is right for them. Building a relationship with your client and always going that extra mile. This will help cement the relationship and secure future business as well as the opportunity for referrals and great testimonials.

Julian Haste has years sales experience, his company Research Runner offers guidance and advice to all companies and sales teams that are looking to increase their pipelines and improve productivity. To discover our sales and research services please look at our website www.research-runner.com and contact us to discuss your requirements.

17/10.2017 H.Bryant