Quirky B2B Gift Ideas for 2020

After a year of fending off negativity and working together to overcome challenges in business, it is nice to think that 2020 is almost over and to look at how we worked together to get through it. Although most of us are still self isolating, it’s still as important than ever to reach out to family, friends, and business partners to try to generate some festive cheer! Here are some quirky ideas for corporate Christmas gifts to share in 2020.

A charitable donation or sponsorship.

Who wouldn’t be clucking inspired by receiving a ‘Life Changing Chicken’ this Christmas – especially since it supports farmers in need! This charitable gift card from Oxfam provides training for farmers, to help them grow more crops, raise more animals and earn more income in the face of climate change.

You could also adopt a wild animal from the World Wildlife Foundation for your client or employee! As you know, we love a fuzzy penguin, and who wouldn’t love to cuddle with the adorable soft toy that comes with the adoption of a live penguin?

Some comfort.

2020 has been the year of working in our pyjamas – and yes, it’s okay to admit that! Christmas is a great time for keeping cosy, and it is totally acceptable to give some comfort this year. Trendy and luxurious weighted blankets help aide sleep and reduce anxiety – here are some of the best rated options. Or opt for a quirky pair of personalised socks with your logo on, if you’re feeling cheeky!

A delivery from their local takeaway.

We’re all missing our traditional Christmas meal out with the team, and the pub! Shopping local is so important this year, and everyone loves a good warm meal, so consider arranging a delivery to your client or employee with a lovely meal and perhaps a drink from their local.

A new board game.

We’re all a little bored and probably have had enough of Scrabble. Find an eccentric game to send to your clients to give them a chuckle with their family this Christmas! Accentuate is a hilarious ‘guess the accent’ game that is bound to get some laughs.

We hope you enjoy wrapping up 2020 and can spend some time with your loved ones. Happy Christmas from the team at Research Runner!