Research Runner explains how to become a top sales person and tips on how to build client relationships



“Oh no, not another top tips for sales blog” you may be thinking! Even the most experienced sales professionals need to take a look at their sales techniques and occasionally rein them in, as bad habits and routine can sometimes make us complacent. A good sales person is someone who constantly wants to improve and reinvent themselves, so sometimes it helps to revisit old notes and tips to make us remember why we are doing the job and to reignite the passion that drove us to it.

The first mistake is to assume that the aim of sales is to get the buyer to sign on the dotted line and to meet targets, sales should not just be seen as a transaction, but as a relationship. Targets can and do play a part and often companies will focus on targets to determine performance and getting more sales can mean more money. However, what you really want from a sale is a client that comes back time and time again and a relationship based on trust and honesty is what every sales person should be aiming for. Ultimately the ideal relationship should be one whereby referrals are made on both sides and that there is a ‘you scrub my back and i’ll scrub yours’ mentality.

How to build a relationship with a client

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But it takes time, patience and a lot of practice. You can do this on a daily basis, inside and outside of the office.  Julian Haste, MD of Research Runner says that ‘the most successful sales professionals never switch off from sales mode, from spotting prospective buyers, to networking, it is all about building your contacts and creating new relationships. Everyone is a possible client or buyer, or they may know someone who is’. How you come across at a party, conference, training day and even among your colleagues can reflect on your company and product. If you seem untrustworthy, disorganized, scruffy or impolite, people will assume you are not reliable or honest and will not want to invest in your product. Once you gain the respect and trust from a client a sale will come automatically and you may not even need to ask for business, but don’t get too confident, these relationships require constant work. Just because you got the first sale, doesn’t mean you will get them to sign up to another, for continued business and referrals, you must maintain trust and transparency throughout your relationship.

‘Be yourself, break barriers, and constantly build relationships in everyday life.’

Getting you in the mood

Most sales professionals never switch off, it’s in their DNA, but keeping up this persona can be tiring, after all they are only human. A bad night sleep, an argument with a loved one or not feeling well, however this can and will impact on performance and a bad performance will reduce confidence for both the sales person and potential clients.

Making your customer feel good is all part of sealing the relationship and in order to accomplish this it is important that you feel good too. It is easy to tell you to leave your problems at home, but there are some simple steps you can take to get back into sales mode.

  • Find your favourite mantras/quotes, read them aloud and practise voice reflection.
  • Do some exercise before you get into the office, hit the gym, the release of endorphins are a great boost for mood.
  • Grab a bite to eat, food = energy.
  • Dress for success.
  • Listen to your favourite play list, in the car or whilst you walk to work.
  • Tell loved ones that you will discuss any problems in the evening, try to leave home on good terms.
  • Plan ahead – know what you are doing the day before. Prioritise you work load, know what you need to do first and crack on with it.
  • If you feel good, your client will do too and vice versa. Make a few courtesy calls to existing clients, just to make sure they are happy and to see if there is anything they need. They will appreciate it and it will be a great boost for your confidence.
  • Try to make your day fun, after all sales is fun.

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08/02/2018 – Heidi Bryant