Good vs great sales person

Do you want to stand out above other sales people? The majority of sales people are good at what they do, but why settle for good when you can be great!

The difference between good and great means the difference in how much you earn , the longevity of your career and above all, the quality of business you bring to your company/employer.

Quality vs quantity

A good sales person will bring in a lot of new business and meet the weekly/monthly target, in contrast to a great sales person who will bring in the quality prospects.

These quality prospects are the big players, with bigger budgets and are increasingly likely to come back time and time again. As a result, these contracts will have a bigger financial impact on a business.

Time to be great

Here are some steps to take to make the move from good to great.

Step 1 – Time

How to be a great sales person

Don’t waste time

Manage your time effectively. Always be prepared for the day ahead (read the following article)

A great sales person disqualifies his/her prospects, with the knowledge and instinct that certain prospects are less likely to result in a sale.

Move on quickly if the sale looks unlikely. Some 50% of prospects will not be a good fit, therefore, why waste time on that 50%, that’s 50% of your time.

Therefore learn to disqualify, you can only do that if you know who your target prospect is and have the confidence to aim big.

Step 2 – Quality vs quantity

There is nothing wrong in getting lots of prospects through the door, however smaller prospects may not have the longevity that larger prospects have due to budget and will therefore result in increased churn.

Aim high, aim for the top.

Step 3 –  say no often

This may sound strange. Surely sales people always say yes?

On the contrary, great sales people will often say no. They have the ability disqualify prospects, ensuring they are the best fit.

Learn to say no to those who you feel may not fit your business offering. As a result of a bad fit, your company’s reputation may be affected and experience a larger volume of churn.

Above all, confidence in your product/service, along with honesty will go along way in gaining respect with prospects. Having the confidence in saying no will only come once you know your product well enough.

Furthermore, a sales person who says yes to everything, may be seen as only doing so to increase their own sales numbers.

Step 4 – Why you do it

Have you ever wondered why you got into the sales industry?

How to be a great sales person

What gets you out of bed?

Great sales people will usually have a reason, a personal and passionate reason.  A good sales person may just want to earn money and get as much as possible.

Ask yourself what drives you, what motivates you and what gets you out of bed in the morning?



Now its your turn to become great!