Experts in New Business and Lead Generation 

Strategic new business and lead generation

Research Runner understands the benefits of generating new business and the importance of effective lead generation using a targeted, strategic approach. As a result of becoming an extension of your sales team we are able to increase productivity and growth within your business.

Working alongside Research Runner you will discover that you are able to focus on your core activities. Importantly, reaping the benefits of a constant flow of leads in your pipelines, increased sales team productivity, brand awareness and market presence.

Because of our knowledge of strategic selling and a strong background in market research, Research Runner combines these skills in both our Sales Support and Research Support services.

Strategic, targeted approach to lead generation

As a result of our targeted and strategic approach, we can provide you with high quality results every time, enhancing your chances of success.

We use our global, expansive and current CRM database, generated and maintained by Research Runner on a daily basis. Our dedicated team are constantly generating new business opportunities, because we only reach out to new prospects we know will work for our clients.

We are experts in immersing ourselves in to your culture, working for you, with you and as you.

Privacy and confidentiality

Fundamentally, Research Runner acknowledges the need for a confidential relationship with our clients. Ensuring we follow current GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) ensuring our clients personal data is protected.

Our privacy policy is available to view on our website.

Contact Research Runner for a free, no obligation quote for our Sales support and new business/lead generation service and/or Research Sales Support services. Start to grow your business now.

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Feedback is an effective way of improving our services, helping your company reach its full potential.

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“The team goes above and beyond what is required and can often be contacted after UK working hours, which is great for us.”

US based, full service agency – 2019

“Our recent success is being driven by Research Runner’s passion and enthusiasm for great selling.”

UK Based Agency – 2019

“We wanted to expand our profile into the UK and Europe and recognized the need to work with a team that applied good sector awareness.”

US Based Agency – 2019