Creating an Appointment Setting Culture in your Sales Team

The best way to convert a sale into a paying client is by setting a meeting, which is why Research Runner’s lead generation salespeople always strive to quickly get a date in the diary for the potential prospect and our clients’ MD or top salesperson. 

By securing you a meeting with a potential client, you will have the chance to ask relevant questions, listen for pain points and make your products or services most relevant to their needs.

Setting appointments can also help to ensure the prospect is genuinely interested in your company and gives you the best chance of closing the deal.

The lead generation experts at Research Runner rely on a tried and tested, proven approach to setting appointments that are highly qualified: we follow the BANT sales qualification guide.

When identifying leads, we always consider:

Budget: Does the potential client have sufficient budget available to afford your service or product?

Authority: Is the contact we identified the correct person of authority within that organisation to make a decision to buy?

Need: Does the prospect have a business pain that you can help solve?

Time: When will the client be able to buy from you?

Initial sales calls via the phone or Zoom are most common nowadays, but it’s also beneficial to begin arranging in-person meetings for in around a month’s time to nurture the relationship.

Also, keep in mind that if the potential client feels that they are not ready yet, best practice is to ask them for a follow up call in a few months later when timing might be better.

Get in touch with the lead generation experts at Research Runner to find out how we can start setting up appointments for you with qualified leads.