Lead generation for B2B Manufacturers

lead generation b2b manufacturing


Research Runner originally started out as specialists in lead generation for the market research industry and have since expanded our service offering to apply to numerous types of industries around the globe.

One sector we can help generate leads for is B2B manufacturers, but it’s important that the marketing and sales funnels in this industry work cohesively.

Here are some tips for a successful lead generation campaign for B2B manufacturers:

Manufacturers around the world are experiencing a host of challenges with supply chain issues due to the pandemic, and this is exacerbated in the UK and Europe due to complications arising from Brexit. So how can B2B manufacturers manage expectations and meet their clients’ demands in the current climate?

Clear communication

Sales strategies rely on creating clear expectations, providing support throughout the purchasing process, and committing to ongoing customer service levels in order to create loyal customers. The most important part of sales is consistent and open communication with your clients to satisfy their expectations.

Coordination between all departments

When working with a lead generation company, it’s also important that all parties keep up-to-date on vital information like stock levels, delivery times, legal changes and any other factors that might impact how your outsourced sales team should be approaching potential clients.

Research Runner believes in transparency and consistency, which is why we regularly have catch-ups with our B2B clients to keep track of current stock levels and the latest information within your organisation.

Outsource lead generation

We have been offering sales relief packages that have allowed manufacturing agencies the opportunity to get in front of businesses that have flourished during the tumultuous yet opportunistic climate of the economy.

Research Runner can work as an extension of your sales team to reach out to the right audience for your manufacturing business, and can help with all aspects of sales including training, identifying upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and serving you new qualified leads on a regular basis.

Get in touch with the sales experts at Research Runner to discuss a lead generation strategy for your manufacturing organisation.