Lead generation: how do your B2B sales compare to others?

The latest lead generation statistics show that lead generation is one of B2B companies’ biggest challenges in terms of not only keeping the pipeline full but also qualifying high quality leads. Discover how lead generation is impacting businesses in 2020 and how to improve your B2B sales:

Source: B2B Lead Generation Trends Report by BrightTALK

Does this sound familiar to you? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Take this into perspective: 80% of companies feel that their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective, and 4% said they are not at all effective. The bottom line – lead generation IS difficult.

Now consider this: you specialise in running your business and you can sell once the leads come in. Those are your strengths. So why not let someone who specialises in lead generation take on that burden for you?

In the current economic climate, it’s now more important than ever to future-proof your business and ensure that you have leads coming in.

Research Runner is a specialist lead generation agency who works with clients globally to deliver leads to their sales professionals. Our extensive database and decades of experience in numerous sectors enables us to consistently over deliver leads, arrange meetings and support companies in increasing their business.

Contact us for a friendly, transparent conversation about how we can take over the challenge of generating new leads for your B2B organisation.

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