4 Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid

B2B lead generation is a vital tool for businesses looking to expand and grow their client network, but it is easy to make mistakes when attempting to generate new leads. Here are some of the top mistakes we have noticed from our clients who now rely on the lead generation experts at Research Runner as an extension of their sale team:

  • Relying too strongly on automation

There are plenty of lead generation ‘tools’ or ‘interfaces’ that promise to automate your business’ lead generation and sales strategy, but these should be used with caution. The algorithms used cannot match the power of the human brain.

We often hear embarrassing stories from our clients who have tried digital lead generation tools and have reached out to the wrong target or a past client that they would rather not have to explain themselves to!

  • Not understanding the sales cycle 

B2B businesses often require numerous touch points before being able to convert a sale.

Each business, however, is very unique, so it helps to speak to a lead generation expert who can advise on and manage your most successful sales cycle.

  • Not aligning marketing with lead generation

Your company’s digital marketing presence on the web and across social media must match what your sales team is conveying to potential leads.

It’s important to keep your website up to date with current offers, products and services so that when a potential client is doing their research, the sales strategy is complemented by your business’ digital presence.

  • Targeting the wrong audience

Research Runner’s services are often described as ‘sales therapy’ because we will do everything possible to help untangle your sales cycle and determine the best possible targets for leads for your business. Quality over quantity is vital for successful lead generation, so rather than just messaging anyone under the sun, we will help pinpoint the types of personas that are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Lead generation is a complex yet important part of any B2B sales strategy. Working with experts in lead generation allows you to be confident in your lead gen strategy and gives you the time to dedicate to running your business.

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