Lead generation for PR & Marketing Agencies

Research Runner specialises in B2B lead generation for a wide variety of industries – almost any industry, to be fair! We began as specialists in generating leads for the market research industry over ten years ago, and today, we work for organisations of all types of B2B companies. One of the most successful types of lead generation we now specialise in is for marketing and PR agencies.

How Research Runner can help increase sales for PR and marketing agencies

Research Runner are experts at generating leads for B2B businesses looking to increase their portfolio of clients. We work by immersing ourselves into your businesses to truly understand the core of your USPs to help improve your sales funnel and feed you new leads.

This is especially helpful for digital marketing firms and PR agencies who work alongside our sales team by orchestrating marketing campaigns that help to support our lead generation strategy. We have now partnered with a number of creative agencies to help boost leads through our strategic inbound sales strategy.

During the global pandemic over the last couple of years, Research Runner has successfully secured new business for ambitious B2B businesses who required additional support. We have been offering sales relief packages that have allowed marketing and PR agencies the opportunity to get in front of businesses that have flourished during the tumultuous yet opportunistic climate of the economy.

Research Runner’s lead generation services complement organisations that have strategic marketing campaigns. We work alongside marketing agencies of all sizes and PR firms that specialise in B2B communications to help grow their business and expand their sales funnel.

“Research Runner are very helpful and approachable from beginning to end of a project,” said the Director of Research from an award-winning Public Relations Agency that we work with.

“Once you’ve commissioned a project, they don’t just leave you hanging – you get regular updates and plenty of opportunity to discuss the findings afterwards.”

Get in touch with the sales experts at Research Runner to discuss a lead generation strategy for your PR agency or marketing company.