Multilingual Solutions for Global Lead Generation

global lead generation

Generating leads, expanding operations, or simply doing business in different countries is not without its challenges for B2B organisations aiming to have a global presence. However, language barriers should not be one of those difficulties – and with Research Runner, it isn’t.

According to UK government statistics, 56% of UK exports went to non-EU countries in 2017, and the EU’s share of the world economy has been declining in recent years. What this means is that, for businesses aiming to expand globally, it’s now increasingly likely that this will involve working in/with countries who are unlikely to be proficient English speakers.

Research Runner partners with a specialist linguistic and analysis agency to offer the following services in an impressive selection of languages:

  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Content analysis
  • Proofreading
  • Report writing
  • Simultaneous translation

Translation can often be an afterthought when it comes to global lead generation – the details relating to pricing and timing of the goods/services exchanged are usually prioritised over some of the finer details. This can lead to unforeseen consequences which can easily be avoided with the right linguistic support.

We speak your language

Research Runner is based in the UK but works for B2B companies around the world. We have extensive experience in the US market, throughout Europe as well as the Middle East and Singapore. We also employ international salespeople who can speak many languages.

There is no such thing as a go-to winning strategy for lead generation – every business is unique. That’s why our lead generation services are entirely bespoke for every client that we work with, no matter which country they operate in, or which languages their customers speak. Take a look at one of our previous stories about the language of selling, and how to break the communication barrier.

If you’d like to take advantage of Research Runner’s linguistic services as part of your lead-generation strategy, please do not hesitate to email Julian directly on