Encourage pack mentality within your sales team – learn from the lone wolf

Lead generation is vital for sales teams in terms of ensuring quality and targeted sales leads. However a sales team is only as good as it’s team members.

We see and do it in everyday life, at home, work at school and on TV. Animals will often hunt in packs, sports are played in teams, medical and emergency services often work together and rely on other, skilled, team players in order to save lives.

There is a real emphasis on individual achievements, a focus on getting leads and being on top of the leader board. Times are changing,  team work and communication being a priority. That be said there should always be a need for a leader and someone to aspire to within a team.

We recognize that success has a higher rate of being achieved if a collaborative effort is made. As with all teams or packs, there is always the need for a leader, someone to learn from and to set the example.

The sales environment has, in previous years, been viewed as a cut-throat environment, everyone out for themselves. Often there is a lone wolf, the high achievers, the one who gets in the leads, always on top of the leader board and admired by others.

Generally this works and encourages high achievement in individuals, but we don’t just want one high achiever, we want all sales professional to be high achievers – don’t we?

Lone wolf analogy

As with wolves, there is always the dominant member, ultimately they work as a pack in order to catch their prey.

Younger, less experienced wolves learn their skills from the more experienced and dominant members by observing their hunting techniques.

The dominant wolf will spend much of its time alone, will fend for him/her self and will not freely offer assistance. In fact, they are often reluctant to spend time with the rest of the pack, until its time to catch their prey, they acknowledge the benefits of working together.

In order to improve their hunting skills, pups must observe the dominant wolf, improving and adapting their techniques so as to one day take over as leader.

The lone wolf must not become complacent and should always watch his back, the younger wolf may one day attempt to take over.

It is important that the lone wolf works hard to maintain their position. There should always be a sense of competition and competitiveness within the pack for it to work.

What you can learn from the lone wolf?

This analogy can also be applied to the sales environment.

Within all teams there is always a member that achieves higher sales leads than others. Often hard-working, competitive and confident individuals, all the traits that we want to see in sales professionals.

Lone wolf mentality is not to be discouraged, but to be observed and admired.

They must be doing something right

Self-awareness and personal development

There are good and bad sales professionals in every team. As part of individual career and personal development, we must make ourselves aware of our own faults and weaknesses.

In sales, it should be easy to identify, if we are not bringing in the leads and others are, then we must be doing something wrong. Identify these weaknesses and try to improve on them. Listen to what others are doing or saying.

Plan and prioritize

Know what and who you are targeting the day before you do it. Avoid wasting time wondering what you need to do, you should already know.

Know you product/client, their wish lists, demands and what your offerings are.

The most successful sales people always know their product inside out and already have in mind who their key targets are.

Target the decision makers

The more experienced you become in your field/company you work for and knowledge of your product, the more you will understand your clients and buyers. Allowing you to identify the sectors and decision makers you need to target.

Keep updated, know your stuff

It is a good idea to meet with other team members at least once week. Discuss targets, clients wish lists, product changes, improvements, highlights, failures and achievements.

As an individual, it is up to you to ensure you have all the available information you need, at hand. Make yourself familiar with marketing material and where to locate it, what offers you can give to potential clients to win their business and importantly, know your product/offering, do your research.

If you are unsure, then make yourself known to the powers that be and ask for help.

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