Research Runner’s Sales Relief Packages Now Extended Through 2020

In March, Research Runner introduced the Lead Generation Sales Relief Package, with the aim of helping businesses survive in an uncertain COVID-19 world. We’re proud to announce that we are extending this offer through to the end of 2020.

Over the last six months, many businesses have taken advantage of our Sales Relief Package and have seen huge success from it. Research Runner is dedicated to keeping our clients safe and secure during these unpredictable times, so that when things start to truly get back to normal, you’ll be in the best possible place to thrive.

The flexibility and versatility of our services means that organisations can benefit from our global lead database and lead-generation success rate without having to commit to a retainer.

Research Runner can implement a lead generation campaign for you within 48 hours – which is an absolutely vital competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing business environment. Lockdown rules can change on a daily basis, so your business processes need to be as agile as possible.

If you’ve been weighing up your options on how to safeguard your business and employees from the negative impacts of COVID-19, a conversation with one of our experienced lead generation specialists could make a significant difference to the long-term prospects of your organisation. Now is the time to act.

To discover how we can help with a Sales Relief Package, or to set up an initial call, email Julian Haste on or Nick Rowley on to get started.